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When a building is complete all the building maintenance is the responsibility of the client. This not only means the internal area of the building but the external area also. MSB undertakes all the maintenance aspects of industrial buildings. Periodical maintenance keeps the cladding looking clean and bright and free from dirt and debris and reduces the risk of water ingress into a building due to blocked gutters and debris on the roof.

Clean gutters of debris

Blocked gutters can be a major contributing factor when water leaks into a building. The cleaning process will keep the gutters free from debris and therefore reduce the risk of blockage and possible water ingress in to the building.

Clean roofs of debris

Debris on roofs may cause damage to the roof and over time may get washed into the gutter causing a blockage.

Wash roof and wall cladding

To keep a building looking its best it must be cleaned regularly A build up of dirt and debris can occur on all surfaces, on all elevations and on roof cladding. Such build up will be particularly acute at any irregularity, such as at corners, penetrations and gutters. The build up of dirt and debris will depend on the situation of the building such as near busy roads or woodland areas and in conjunction with the weather conditions.

Replace damaged/failed fixings

Fixings that are faulty through damage or corrosion should be removed and replaced with new. Corrosion of the fixings can lead to the unsightly staining and potential corrosion of the cladding that in turn may result in water leakage into the building.
Inappropriate fixings of incorrect material or design should be replaced as they too could lead to corrosion of the cladding.

Caps, if used, should be replaced if found missing from fixings or replaced if found to be damaged.

Attend to peel back or edge corrosion of the plastisol coated steel profile cladding

A cut edge is an area of exposed substrate where the finished steel cladding sheet has been cut. All exposed site cut edges must be produced to an optimum standard. Where it is not possible to protect the site cut edge from weathering by a cover flashing, they should be treated with a suitable edge protection paint or lacquer.
The requirement for cut edge protection is particularly important in highly industrial and moist environments and on low-pitched roofs.
The cladding may suffer from ‘edge corrosion’ a term used when the edges of the sheet corrode. This may mean the cut edges, the lap edges or the overhangs and if not treated the corrosion can spread up the cladding sheet.

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